delicious and incomparable taste

Natural Pet Foods produces healthy, protein-rich foods, nutrients free from preservatives.

A natural pet is a company formed by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the food industry. Our mission is to offer our pets natural, healthy and real food. We believe that the food you choose for your dog or cat is a very important decision allied to that we associate the importance of the well being and happiness of the pet.

We use natural preservation in our products, we cook the ingredients as fresh meat at initially low temperature (90 ° C) in their own natural juices without adding water, chemicals or additives and
this is one of our differentials. Within the process of cooking and dehydration we follow the international standards of food safety eliminating all type of contaminations.

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"My dogs the treats of Natural Pet, it's a party when we give the snack"
mary hellen
"The Natural Pet treats are delicius, my dogs devour non-stop"
kelly cristina
"Besides tasty, the Natural Pet treats are of excellent quality, healthy for the animals"
jonh badder